Frequently Asked Questions
... about Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers

Q: How do I determine the size of register I need?
A: Measure the vent opening in the floor. For example, a 4″ X 10″ opening calls for a 4 X 10 register.

Q: Which thickness of register should I order?
A: We manufacture tile & stone registers in two thicknesses: one for 3/8-inch material, the other for 1/2-inch floor materials.

Q: Can I install a register after the flooring has been installed?
A: No, the Chameleon Tile & Stone Register is designed to be installed in the vent opening first, then the flooring is installed around it.

Q: What adhesive do I use?
A: Use clear silicone caulk to hold the flooring segment pieces to the register channels. Use thinset to install the register to the subfloor. If access to the vent opening is necessary, simply lift up the register’s cradle.

Q: Do I send the register away to have the flooring material installed in it?
A: No, you or your installer can fabricate and install the register on site in about 20 minutes. Instructions are provided with each packaged register and at Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers installation instructions.

Q: Do I need to order a register before installing my tile or stone floor?
A: Yes. You should have the register in hand before the floor is installed.

Q: How long does it take to get a register?
A: Inventory is always available. This product is always in stock and it ships the same day it is ordered.

Q: Is the Chameleon guaranteed?
A: Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects, and a "no hassle" return policy if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

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